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Bethlehem 11/07/03 Part 2

Here's some more recent pictures of Easton, Bethlehem and downtown Allentown, PA

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Beth4.jpg (24k)
Welcome to the Easton passenger station.
Bethlehem 5
Beth5.jpg (24k)
An overview
Beth6.jpg (36k)
Here's a close up of Coke Mountain. The abandoned bridges in the foreground are where the CNJ used to interchange with the Garden State Central.
Beth7.jpg (28k)
Welcome to the Easton passenger station.
Allen1.jpg (40k)
Notice how
Allen2.jpg (32k)
An overview of the Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem, PA. From left to right, the maintanence shops, casting building and finally the two blast furnaces.
Allen3.jpg (24k)
A close up of the two blast furnaces. The tracks that run under the blast furnace are where they load the hot metal into the bottle cars. They also load the waste slag into cars for dumping away from the plant.

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