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Bethlehem 11/07/03 Part 1

Here's some more recent pictures of Easton, Bethlehem and downtown Allentown, PA

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Overview of Easton, PA
Easton_wide.jpg (36k)
An overview of Easton, PA. Coke Mountain is on the left. The main feature being the Easton passenger station. Based on the Lehigh Valley station in Easton.
Easton 1
Easton1.jpg (36k)
Here's a close up of Coke Mountain. The abandoned bridges in the foreground are where the CNJ used to interchange with the Garden State Central.
Easton 2
Easton2.jpg (32k)
Welcome to the Easton passenger station.
Easton 3
Easton3.jpg (40k)
Notice how Route 611 runs under the passenger station. I'm always amazed at how little clearance there is under the real station. Larger trucks just pass under it. We've got the same tight clearance under our station. See how close the Branch box truck comes to the top of the underpass.
Bethlehem Overview
Beth3.jpg (32k)
An overview of the Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem, PA. From left to right, the maintanence shops, casting building and finally the two blast furnaces.
Bethlehem 1
Beth1.jpg (24k)
A close up of the two blast furnaces. The tracks that run under the blast furnace are where they load the hot metal into the bottle cars. They also load the waste slag into cars for dumping away from the plant.
Bethlehem 2
Beth2.jpg (32k)
On the left is the maintanance building. This is where the steel plant's equipment is maintained. The overhead crane helps to move the heavy equipment around the building.
On the right is the cast house. In that building they pour the hot metal into ingot molds. These ingots are used by other steel fabricators. They only need to be heated to be made plyable for casting and forming. Note the 'Charging Larry' on the high line behind the buildings. This is a self powered hopper on a large scale. The Larry brings the raw ingredients to the blast furnace to make the steel.

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