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Bethlehem/Allentown, PA (Lehigh Valley allignment) 4/11/2000

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Bethlehem Steel blast furnace
A look into the blast furnace buildings of Bethlehem Steel.  This whole area was scratch built from PVC pipes, shampoo bottles and Plastruct.  There were also some Micro Engineering structural parts.
Bethlehem Steel maintanance building
Here's a look at the maintainance building.  All equipment in need of repair stops here.  The overhead crane goes back into the building to allow components to be worked on inside and then installed outside.
"Coke Rock" outside of Easton, PA
Just outside of Easton, PA lies a rock outcropping that was used to advertise Coka-Cola.  The picture is a little fuzzy, I'm working on a better shot.  The sign was made using Decal-it on a color printout.
"Coke Rock" outside of Easton, PA 2
COKE027.JPG (48k)
This one should be a little better shot of the Coke sign. You can see the dumper in Jersey City in the background.

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