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Scale Calculator - Ver 1.4

Quick Overview:
This page is set up to allow you to work with a regular ruler and come up with scale sizes of things. For example, if you have an HO scale (1:87.1) box car that is 6 in. long, the program will convert that measurement to its actual size (43 ft. 6-41/64 in.) Conversely, if you know that your 1967 Chevy Impala is 16 ft. 2 in. long, you can find out it would be 1-7/32 in. long in N Scale (1:160).

You have a large O Scale (1:48) train layout with a 54 foot 11-57/64 inch mainline run, and you want to know how long that is in real feet. Type in the 54 in the Scale Size (Model) section Feet box, 11 in the Inches box, and 57/64 in the Fraction box. Then choose [1:48 - O] from the Scale box. Now, click on the Convert to Actual button and you'll see 2639 ft. 11-13/16 in. appear in the Actual Size (Real World) section. This would make your O scale (1:48) mainline roughly 1/2 mile long.

Note: If it does not work, you'll need Javascript turned on in your browser for the calculator to work.
Also, if I'm missing a scale, let me know. e-mail:

Need More Help?

Actual Size (Real World):
  Feet:   Inches:   Fraction:  


Scale Size (Model):
  Feet:   Inches:   Fraction:  


Actual Size (Real World):
This is the size something is in the real world (scale - 1 ft:1 ft). Type in the feet, inches and fractions of an inch (in the form 1/8)

Scale Size (Model):
This is the size of your model in the real world (scale to be selected from the Scale list). Type in the feet and inches.

For inputing a fraction of an inch (ie. 1/2 or 3/32).

Chose a scale from the list of available choices for your conversions. Included are all the scales listed by the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association).

Convert to Actual:
This button will convert the Scale Size (Model) to Actual Size (Real World) using the scale you have chosen from the Scale list. The default is 1/87.1 - HO.

Convert to Scale:
This button will convert the Actual Size (Real World) to Scale Size (Model) using the scale you have chosen from the Scale list. The default is 1/87.1 - HO.

Clear Boxes:
This button will clear out all of the Feet and Inches boxes and reset the scale to 1/87.1 - HO.

Print Page:
This button will send the entire page to the printer.

Version 1.4 - added more scales to menu
Version 1.3 - added more scales to menu
Version 1.2 - better precision, added 1/72nd & 1/700th scales to menu
Version 1.1 - fixed problems with 1/24th scale
Version 1.0 - base

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