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Scranton 11/07/03

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NayAug Tunnel 2
NayAug2.JPG (48k)
This is the Western end of the NayAug Tunnel, heading into Scranton
NayAug Tunnel 3
NayAug3.JPG (36k)
Here we see the mainline in the foreground with the Laurel Line in the background.
Downtown Scranton 1
Scranton1.JPG (32k)
Welcome to downtown Scranton. West Scranton is off in the distance.
Downtown Scranton 2
Scranton2.JPG (28k)
Looking across Wyoming avenue, past the Coney Island Texas Weiner towards the mainline
Downtown Scranton 4
Scranton4.JPG (32k)
On the outskirts of town heading west towards the Keyser Valley.
Keyser Valley 11
Keyser11.JPG (36k)
This is the last chance for gas heading into they Keyser Valley. I think that this Sinclair station has been here forever.
Keyser Valley 12
Keyser12.JPG (32k)
Looking across the Keyser Valley. The train is heading westward towards it's last stop, Binghamton, NY.

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