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Scranton 4/11/00

Here's some more recent pictures of Scranton

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Downtown Scranton - Texas Weiner
A view up Wyoming Avenue looking at the Texas Weiners building.  The mainline crosses the road on the left side of the picture.
The creek in the Keyser Valley
Passenger train #1 heading through the Keyser Valley west of Scranton.  It's on it's way toward Binghampton, NY.  This section hasn't see much traffic in recent years, so the second mailine was recently pulled up.  The balast and grading still remain just in case we need to put it back.  The 2nd bridge over the creek was also removed.
A close-up in the Keyser Valley
A close-up of the abutment in Keyser Valley.  It's easer to see where the 2nd bridge was notched into the abutment before the other main was removed.

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