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We got our new location in Wall, NJ. Take a look at the new plans on our Layout page.

You can still see pictures of our former HO-gauge layout in Asbury Park, with a 300 foot mainline which traversed four rooms. The railroad featured prototype scenes of the Lehigh Valley, Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ), Reading and Erie railroads, modeled after actual places along our route from Scranton, PA to Jersey City, NJ. The layout featured the huge Bethlehem Steel Mill in Bethlehem, PA -- a fantastic model built almost entirely from scratch! Trains roll past the REA building and the infamous Coney Island Texas Weiners in Scranton, past the well-known blue tank in Allentown and call on the docks of Jersey City complete with it's operating McMyler coal dumper... all in 1:87th scale! Sadly, we lost our home and this layout is gone, but we were able to save a lot of scenery and building from the old layout. We can't wait to get started on our next one!

If you want to keep up with our changes, join us on our Facebook page.
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Last Updated: 8/10/2023

Sale and Show Time!

Time again for our 2nd annual Train Sale and Open House.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023. 10am to 4pm. Adults $10 Children 12 & under $8
The Museums will be open from 11am to 5pm.

Last year's sale was so well received that we're doing it again. Over 2000 sqft of sale items from multiple vendors.

As an added bonus, your admission also gets you into all of the InfoAge Museums as well as our museum and big operating layout. Come and see the progress we've been making on the layout in the last year. If you've been following us on Facebook, you know that we've been busy the past year. Hope to see you there!

sale flyer

Train Sale Thank You!

Well we just finished up our first (hopefully annual) train show & sale. Both the vendors and guests all seemed to be pleased with how it went. Thanks to all the people who came out and all the vendors that were selling. Here's to making next year's show even better.

Taking a break...

Toys For Tots donations
more Toys for Tots donations

Thank you all for once again making our holiday show a success. We received over 300 toys for Toys For Tots. I'm sure all the children who receive them were thankful for your donations.

Now to take a little well deserved R-N-R, then get back to work on the club layout. Or maybe just go run some trains......

Oh My! An Update!

Well its been an interesting year hasn't it? The InfoAge museum has been open with very limited capacity, and we've been able to get into our layout room and do a little work over the past year. While the progress has been slow, a lot is getting done. These pictures should get you up to date on the latest changes. Lets see how it looks.....

Back to Work

Thanks to everyone who came out for our open house in May. Operating sessions are over, and its time to get back to work on the layout. Wilkes-Barre is getting ready for track, Easton and Bethlehem are getting some scenery and Jersey City is getting its second car float.

A Quick March 2019 Update.


Its been nice to get back to work on the main layout. Here's just a quick update with some pictures of the area between Bethlehem (left) and Easton, PA (right). This is the bridge where the CNJ crosses over the Lehigh River from Bethlehem heading over to the yard in Allentown, PA. The gray road bridge in the background is the Hill to Hill bridge. (Click on the picture to see it full size)

Next up is some operations on the layout. We finally get to play with what we've been working on for the last three years!

PS - Our next open house will be in early May. Details will be posted in early April.

Time to take a rest.


Thanks again to everyone who visited our Holiday Train Show, and a really big thanks to all those who dropped off a Toys-For-Tots toy. This year we collected around 400 toys for families in Monmouth County.

Now to start working on the layout again. The Wilkes-Barre area is feeling neglected after the holidays and wants our attention.

Fall Update - 10-20-18


Its been a busy summer, and we haven't had a chance to update the layout pictures. If you follow our Facebook pages, you may have seen a few of these before. As of now, the mainline from Jersey City, through Easton to Wilkes-Barre is completed. See more pictures.

Temporary Loop Move 6-8-18


Well, in order to lay the mainline track through the Bethlehem Steel area, we needed to know the correct alignment through Easton. The only way to do that was to move the temporary loop and put the Easton section in. Now the loop is on the west end of Beth Steel. See more pictures.

Bethlehem Update 4/18/18

beth steel update 1  beth steel update2  beth steel update3

The push is on to get as much completed as we can in Bethlehem for our 2nd Open House on May 12th, 2018. This will show you the progress we've been able to make so far. Don't forget to stop by next month and see it for yourself!

Bethlehem Steel Update 2/5/18

Beth Steel with its buildings  The high line with its charging larry under the Minsi Trail Bridge

Now back to working on Beth Steel. We've just begun working on the high line that runs behind all the blast furnaces. This is dual gauge (broad and regular) track that all the rail equipment ran on to bring raw materials to the blast furnaces. We realized that some of the pictures had been put up on the Facebook pages, but not all of it was on our web site. This update will rectify the situation. And now you're all caught up.

New Years

2017 holiday show layouts
2017 holiday show tree

Ah.... Now that the 2017 Holiday Show is over, we can finally catch our breath. Once again, thanks for showing your support and a big thanks for the visitors who dropped of over 300 presents for the Marine Corps Toys-For-Tots. I'm sure the children appreciate it, I know that the Marines were happy. Next week we can get back to work on Bethlehem Steel.

Push-Button Layout Update 10/2/17

overview of the push-button layout  Steve working on the tracks

The layout crew was getting too much attention, so this month we focused on the crew making the push-button display layout for our Museum room. They've been working on this for months, and we realized that they haven't had any pictures of their progress on the website. My appologies. Here's all the progress they've made.

Layout Plans 8/1/17

GSC Layout Plan 8-1-17

We've made so many changes to the plans for our layout that we thought it was time to put the newest version online for everyone to see. Enjoy. Take a look at all the plans.

Layout Update 7/17/17

Vets appreciation day  Beth Steel benchwork

Thanks to everyone who came out for Veterans Appreciation Day at InfoAge. We all had a great time. Its been a busy month on the Bethlehem Steel side of the layout. In the last two months we been able to finish the benchwork on the Phase 2 expansion. Some of the building from the old Asbury Park layout came out to give us an idea on what will fit in the new section. To be honest, it all will fit, since we're going from about 12 feet of Beth Steel on the old layout to about 45 feet on the new layout. :) Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 4/29/17

Mike and Jimmy begin phase 2  Mike and Martin begin phase 2

Now that the track plans for Bethlehem Steel have been aproved, its time to start work on Phase 2 of the layout. We started putting up the new box frames to support this leg of the layout. Take a look at all the pictures.

We'll also be open again to the general public on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 as part of InfoAge's Veterans and Armed Forces Appreciation Day. There will be an enterance fee of $5 for adults and $2.50 for children. Stop by and see our progress! All of the displays at InfoAge will be open.

Back to Work

First off, I want to thank everyone for their support for our Holiday Show. We collected over 350 toys for Toys for Tots. Now that the Halloween and Christmas shows are finally over, we can get back to work on the layout. (Well, after a well deserved break) We'll continue with the switch machine wiring and building the operators panels and we should have some pictures of the progress in February. Don't get too excited, its just wires....

Layout Update 6/23/16

At the May Open House

Well we really pushed hard to have as much set up and running for the May 2015 open house. Here's a look at what we accomplished. All of our visitors seemed happy to see the progress we made. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 2/20/16

The new howe truss float bridge mock-up

In February, there were a lot of little projects under way. Some of them even got finished. :) Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 1/20/16

Doug finishing up the temporary loop

Now that the 2015 Holiday Show has finished, we finally got back to work on the layout and the Museum room. As you can see, the temporary loop went in, now we just have to wire it. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 11/16/15

Rich installing pilings along the dock

This month we were starting to wire up the mainline track and adding all the pilings and cribbing along the edge of the layout. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 10/20/15

The finished coal yards

Moving right along... All the track on the aisle side of the layout is complete, except for the lead up to the coal dumper. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 9/16/15

Bob and Jules aligning the tracks
the ugly switch

Track, Track, Track. The track is finally going in. It's starting to look like a model railroad again, not the plywood central. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 8/16/15

Car float in its new home
Jersey City return loop

This month, we worked on cutting out the water areas from the layout deck and lowering them to their final height. It took a little while, but it was well worth it. We also put in the return loop deck. Next month we can finally start laying track. Yea! Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 7/9/15

Risers are in place
Decking is being installed

Constrution continued in June. The layout is getting raised up into its final position. The first half of Jersey City is up, and the second
half should go up in the next week or two. We're shooting for track installation in August. Take a look at all the pictures.

Layout Update 6/9/15

coffee station
JC Terminal tracks

The crews have been busy the last few weeks. One group is touching up the wall trim and paint, another is setting up the Coffee Station (no pun intended) and others are roughing out the track locations on the layout. Take a look at all the pictures.

Steve and Ed put the cabinets up for the new home for the coffee pot. We do have our priorities. :)

Jimmy and Jules started aligning tracks on the layout with help from a few other members. After the track is all roughed in, we can trim the layout deck, put in the risers and start actually laying track. Yea!

Painting Time

painted wall

After adding caps to the layout box frame to complete it, we started painting the room. Not a very exciting picture for you, but we're happy to not have to look at patched walls and spackle anymore. Take a look at all the pictures.

Mike and Jimmy put the bracing on the layout over the weekend to finish the box frame. After we put a second coat of paint on the walls, we can work on the risers and layout deck for the Jersey City side of the benchwork. That should be the beginning of June if all goes well.

Benchwork has finally begun

benchwork goes in

Wow, this sure took long enough. We've finally started the benchwork for phase 1 of our new layout. The box frames that will support Jersey City, NJ on one side and Taylor, PA on the other are finally up. Take a look at all the pictures.

Next is to attach the L-girders. Then we can put the risers and track support on top. Jersey City gets built first, then the temporary helix to raise the track up to the higher level of Taylor, and finally we work on Taylor. That should give us enough to do for the time being. We have the track for Jersey City's mainline and are awaiting the yard trackage in the next few weeks. Now if they would only finish the lights in the room, ugh. 40 foot down, 60 more to go in phase 2.

  That's all for now.

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