Layout Update 7-09-15
  June was a pretty busy month for us. We finished roughing out the tracks, started
     putting up the risers on the layout and finished painting the layout room.
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IMG_1074 IMG_1077 IMG_1080 IMG_1081
Finished roughing out the Elizabthport Yard. Now we know where all the switches will end up.
Finally we get down to business. Mike and Ed lay the joists out on top of the box frame.
Mike starts putting the risers onto the joists.
Now the risers are leveled.
IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1084 IMG_1086
Two risers down, 32 more to go… The combination of risers and joists will give us enough clearance to put the switch machines under the layout deck without hitting the box frame.
Ed is a one man production line creating more risers.
Butch is helping with the risers.
Bob J. is cutting out templates for the two car floats, dock and boat so we can get the alignment correct on the layout.
IMG_1088 0630152137-00 0630152138-01 0630152142-00
The McMylar dumper is once again seeing the light of day. Jules finished aligning the lead track for the dumper.
Leveling more risers.
Mike, Ken G. and Steve are on leveling duty.
The plywood deck for the Jersey City side of the layout has been trimmed back to accommodate the backdrop.
0707151948-00 0707151949-00 0707151949-01 0707151950-00
The first and second sheets of decking have been installed on top of the freshly leveled risers.
A section of the old Asbury Park layout is brought over to help align the cargo ship and the docks.
Here's the templates for the dock, ship and car floats in their rough locations. This section of layout has not had its joists and risers installed yet. We still have to cut out the water section of the deck.
Ed, Butch and Jimmy are checking the dock alignment.

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