Layout Update 6-03-15
  We split into two crews to tackle building the coffee station (very important) in the
     Common room and rough out the trackwork on the layout.
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benchwork1 bobo1 coffee01 coffee03
Jimmy, Jack and Ed get ready to start working
Bob O. finishes up some painting touch-up work.
The Coffee Station cabinets have been hung in place.
Ed is working on the countertop.
coffee07 coffee08 coffee09 coffee10
Countertop is all roughed in.
Building the backsplash.
The backsplash is all done.
Finished and in place. Ed and Steve are admiring their work.
coffee12 trackwork01 trackwork02 trackwork03
Steve really likes the Coffee sign.
Jimmy and Jules start to layout the track for the dumper. Butch is just happy that the dumper is back.
Unpacking the mainline switches we got from CustomTraxx. Pre-weathered and balasted.
Re-working some of the switch alignments to improve the track flow.
trackwork04 trackwork05 trackwork06 trackwork07
Somehow we have to fit 14 tracks across the layout. It's going to get a little busy in front of the Jersey City Terminal.
George is inspecting the touch-up paint work while the track crew is going back-and-forth on where to put a switch.
Frank, Jimmy and Ron work on the alignment of the track in Jersey City Terminal. Sadly, the old Terminal building from the Asbury layout is too big to use here. Guess we'll have to make a new one.
This is the track locations for the Terminal, and the beginning switches for Elizabethport yard on the left.

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Monday, June 8, 2015
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