More Bethlehem Work 04-18-18
  There's been more Bethlehem work to get ready for our 2nd Open House.
    This is all the progress since the February update. There's still a lot to do, but we'll get there.
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IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5237 IMG_5239
The paint on the Hoover-Mason Trestle (High Line).
The Hoover-Mason Trestle (aka the high line) got its base coat of paint and now we start laying the track
Using the t-square to get the track as straight as possible.
IMG_5240 IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5180
Checking the clearance between the broad/dual gauge and standard gauge tracks. No one wants the charging larry to scrape up against the PB&NE switchers.
Cutting the switch for the Bethlehem mainline into the temporary loop at the end of Jersey City.
The beginning of the mainline heading west through Bethlehem and past Bethlehem Steel.
Looking back east from Bethlehem towards the temporary loop and Jersey City.
IMG_5245 IMG_5249 IMG_5253 IMG_5278
We needed to go back and replace some of the standard track on the right with bridge track on a section that will be exposed between several of the Bethlehem Steel buildings.
Jules, Martin and Mike plotting out some of the buildings and switches through Bethlehem Steel.
The three blast furnaces with their tracks.
The DCC boosters and power supplies for the Bethlehem section of the layout.
IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5316 IMG_5320
Block detectors and DCC switch decoders for the blast furnaces. This is one of four drop down panels for the Bethlehem section of the layout.
Most of the in-plant Bethlehem Steel track is in. Now we wait for the mainline track order to come so we can finish.
Looking west at the blast furnaces.
The extension for the mainline to place all the switches that tie the Beth Steel and mainline tracks together on the west end of Bethlehem.

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