March Update - 3-5-21
  Well, since everything shut down, we haven't posted many pictures. We have been able to go inside
    inside our building and get some work done. Its been slow since only a few are allowed
    in at at time, but we're making progress. This will catch you up with all the Wilkes-Barre changes.
    If you follow our Facebook pages, you may have seen a few of these before.
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IMG_6643 IMG_6644 IMG_6645 IMG_6646
Easton, PA has been getting its terrain added and shaped.
The bridges across the Lehigh River are being resized to fit the scene behind the station.
The hills between Easton and Bethlehem are rising up from the benchwork. The trees are being made offsite and will be ready for planting when the hills get their base coat of scenery.
The temporary Reading station in Bethlehem. Beth Steel is in the background.
IMG_6647 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650
Its funny, when you think we have about 25 foot for Beth Steel, you think that’s going to be big. After you put the blast furnaces and other buildings in, 25 foot seems tight.
We got a lot of the ground coverings around the tracks in the blast furnaces in.
Some of the plant buildings are just massive.
For now, Bethlehem Steel ends at the Minsi Trail Bridge. Eventually it will continue another 15 foot to the left of the picture.
IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6653 IMG_6654
The newest part of the layout: Wilkes-Barre, PA.
This is the yard for the Ashley breaker. The mainline tracks are back against the backdrop. All the track and switch machines are installed. Block wires are next.
The area around the Vulcan Steel plant. The blue flags let us know that there are switch machine throw bars sticking out. We still poke ourselves while we’re working on the tracks…..
Wilkes-Barre proper. The CNJ trackage is along the backdrop and the Lehigh Valley is along the aisle side. Just a couple more sidings and all its track will be finished.
IMG_6655 IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6658
The wiring under Wilkes-Barrs is in. Blocks and switch machine control take a lot of wires.
One of the electrical panels with the auto-reversers, block power and switch machine decoders. We’ll add block detection to this one in the future. Wilkes-Barre and Ashley will have a total of 7 of these panels hanging under the layout. 3 have been installed and we’re working on the 4th.
One of the two main power hanging panels for the layout. This one is for Bethlehem and Ashley. Silver boxes on the left are 12 volt power for switch machines, panel lighting and accessories. The large black boxes on the right are the DCC power supplies. The gray boxes above them are the Digitrax DCC boosters (one for Bethlehem and one for Ashley). The circuit boards on the right are the circuit breakers for Bethlehem and Ashley.

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Thursday, March 4, 2021
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