Bethlehem Steel Update 02-05-18
  It seems that I've been keeping up with the Bethlehem Steel progress on the Facebook pages, but not on the GSC's website.
    Here's all the pictures from its original construction in May 2017 to Feb 2018. Sorry if you've seen some of them before.
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may_7_17_e may_7_17_a may_7_17_b may_7_17_c
I’ve always loved this picture that shows the size and scope of the layout. The new Bethlehem Steel section is going to the right of the Jersey City section of the layout.
Martin and Mike set the height of the first box frame for the new section.
Jimmy holds down the box frame while Mike attaches it to the existing layout structure.
Securing the connection between the new section of layout and the existing section.
may_7_17_f may_7_17_g may_7_17_j may_7_17_k
The first two box frames in place.
The central top L-girder that ties all the box frames together.
Risers that will support the layout deck are being attached to the box frames.
Leveling and attaching the risers.
may_7_17_m may_7_17_n may_7_17_q may_7_17_r
All 4 box frames in place and the decking waiting to be attached.
After the top deck has been applied to the first three box frames. (looking over the Jersey City return loop)
From the opposite corner of the room. Easton is directly to the right and Beth Steel will be on the left. The corner piece will be added later.
Here you can see the box frame, cross pieces, risers and decking.
IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4696 IMG_4929
Mike and Jules are checking to see if the spacing of the building and tracks is looking like their pictures of the plant.
Jules and Mike begin to lay out the track and place our existing blast furnaces to see how it all fits.
More pieces of the complex are coming out of the storage bins and onto the layout. Well its only temporary to see how the building will fit the area.
More buildings in place.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018
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