Layout Update 01-20-16
  The Temporary Loop takes shape. Now that the 2015 Holiday Show is finished, we can finally get back to work on the layout.
    The car float aprons were put into their final spots, the temporary loop was installed, the Museum room got its final coat of paint and wiring continues on the layout.
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IMG_1594b IMG_1595 IMG_1596 IMG_1596b
Here's the video of our first DCC run on the layout from the end of November, 2015. Is is just point to point at this time, but I don't have to push the train anymore.
Now that the car floats are in their final positions, I've had to re-work the track alignments off of the lead track. There's also a height transition from the balasted track to the plywood base.
That looks pretty straight on to the Valley car float apron.
This is the view with the bridge back in place. It still needs a little TLC.
IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1602 IMG_1602b
Next came the work on the CNJ apron. It will ultimately have a Howe float bridge built.
This is how the two aprons line up next to each other.
Looking back towards the dock area.
The long view of all of Jersey City.
IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1607 IMG_1609
Mike and Doug work on the construction of the temporary reverse loop at the end of Jersey City.
They're leveling the stringers for the new section.
Now the risers are being put into position.
Doug is starting to lay out the track for the temporary loop.
IMG_1611 IMG_1613 IMG_1615 IMG_1617
This new section of benchwork will ultimately be Easton, PA in the front half and part of Wilkes-Barre, PA on the back half. A back drop that divides the two will be installed at a later date.
Finishing up the cork roadbed.
Aligning the last pieces.
Laying out the track on top of the roadbed. I was helping Doug lay this all out, but I was also taking the pictures while we were working.

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Monday, January 25, 2016
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