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Every year it is traditional for the club to take a trip out to PA. on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We call this trip 'Turkey Trot'. Here are some of the pictures I took on the Turkey Trot 2006.

All pictures on this page Copyright 2006 by Jules Heiliczer

282 #244 Front
Our first stop was Easton and the remains of the former Lehigh Valley passenger station. It is a chilly morning as we explore what used to be the top level of the station where the passengers would wait for the trains.
282 #244 Front
We weren't there long when the first NS train roared by.
282 #244 Front
Our final stop in Easton- The remains of the Lehigh Valley South Easton Shops. These are still being used by the Norfolk Southern Railroad.
282 #244 Front
Now on to Bethlehem. Our first stop is Iron Hill tower on the PB&NE which is still standing but no longer used. Iron Hill Yard is still being used though.
282 #244 Front
The public parking lot next to the now closed Bethlehem Steel Mill makes a good spot to take pictures of the blast furnaces. These are pictures of the 3 pass stoves that pre heated the air (blast).
282 #244 Front
A closer look at the stoves.
282 #244 Front
Slightly to the west right before the Hill To Hill bridge is a where we caught this NS train going by.
282 #244 Front
On the other side of river, CP parks locomotives that lay over. I am not too sure of how long they leave them there.
282 #244 Front
I took a walk under the Hill To Hill bridge. This is the other side of the Lehigh River from Bethlehem.

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