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Old Prototype Photos from Anthony (Tony) Organek

Most of these pictures were taken in northeastern Pennsylvania from 1969 to 1971. While cleaning off the old bulletin board, I came across these older pictures that I thought you might like to see.

Click on a thumbnail photo to see the full size version.

Lehigh Valley Alco 420s
ALCO420B.jpg (44k)
A pair of Lehigh & Hudson River ALCo C-420's drift by the "light side" hump in the Jersey Central's Allentown Yard. The L&HR used the CNJ from Easton to Allentown, PA to make its interchange connection. The photo was taken from Central Blvd., which still provides safe train-watching, though Norfolk Southern has replaced the CNJ and you have to travel to Arkansas to see a L&HR C-420.
CNJ Alco RS-3s
BETHSHP1.jpg (40k)
An ALCo RS-3 and RSD-4 roll off the turntable at the Jersey Central's Bethlehem Engine Terminal, part of the road's Allentown, PA area complex. Used over the course of time by the CNJ, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh & Hudson River and Conrail, the historic facility was demolished in late 1998.
CNJ and Reading engines in Bethlehem PA
BETHSHP2.jpg (72k)
The CNJ's Bethelehem, PA engine facility plays host to a sampling of first and second generation power in this photo from the summer of 1971. On the far left, CNJ SD-40 3066's plain-jane paint scheme belies her past as B&O #7487. On Conrail she wore #6290 until a 1993 rebuilding into an SD-40-2E #6999.
Railfans should look for her now on CSX as #8886. Rubbing shoulders with their big EMD sisters are two Reading GP-35's, with #3635 in the lead. #3635 wore the same number on Conrail. The Reading ALCo
RS-3 is one of dozens used by the coal-hauler system-wide. Finally, on the far right is CNJ F7A #14, formerly B&O #4582, a 1952 EMD. The F-units were pretty well beat by the time the B&O sent them to bail out the CNJ, and they did not last through the Conrail take-over.
Mystery breaker in eastern PA
BREAKER.jpg (44k)
Note the breaker way, way, way up the top of the hill.  Another one we're trying to remember where it was.
Jim Thorpe PA taken from the Flagstgaff park
JIMTHORP.jpg (72k)
The sleepy little town of Jim Thorpe PA.  The only difference between this photo from April of 1971 and today is a water treatment plant in towards the bottom right of the photo.  D&H mainline on the right side of the Lehigh river, CNJ on the left.  The photo was taken from Flagstaff park.
a mystery mine hoist in eastern PA
MINEHOST.jpg (56k)
Can you believe that they used to pull coal up from the mine shaft on this rickety track?
St Nicholas breaker 1
STNICK1.jpg (36k)
The big one...Here's the St. Nicholas breaker in April of 1971.  This one was just monsterous.
St Nicholas breaker in eastern PA 2
STNICK2.jpg (68k)
The back side of the breaker.  This one shows how spread out this facility is.
St Nicholas breaker in eastern PA 3
STNICK3.jpg (46k)
A bigger version of STNICK1.  This one shows the mine hoist off on the right and the power plant off to the left.
Coal tipple in Tamaqua PA Oct 69
TAMTIPL.jpg (44k)
An old coal tipple in Tamaqua PA from 1969.  Not in the same league as St. Nick.

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