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A Visit to a Pennsylvania Slate Quarry Nov 20, 2008

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Club members take a trip to a slate quarry
An industry that has not changed much since the 1880s.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2008 by Jules Heiliczer

An old Mac truck they still use around the place. They throw nothing away. The motor house.
The crew prepares to go into the hole. The fencing is going to be burned for heat.
If you turn to the left, there is an abandoned slate hole. This hole is 800 feet deep. They pump water out of the active hole to keep it dry. It is hard to imagine that that water is 800 feet deep. Next we toured the abandoned sections of the quarry. Mike P. has claims on much of the old equipment.
Real neat narrow guage little locomotive.
This is a very old blacksmith's shop including a forge. The forge (marked as Mike's property (the yellow tape).
From up here we could watch the quarry guys dump the useless slate leftovers. They go into the abandoned water filled quarry.

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