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Rio De Janero, Brazil Prototype Photos from Dave Albertson

While Dave was away in Rio for work in the spring of 1999, he sutmbled across this great little 44 ton switcher.  Sorry, but we don't have much detail on this area, or the engines on the harbor line.  If you have any info, let us know.

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Rio Harbor, Rio De Janero
While driving along newar Rio Harbor, Dave came across this great wharf scene complete with a 44 tonner working.  You have to look real close on the left hand side to see it though.
Rio Harbor, Rio De Janero 2
Here's the switcher working the other side of the harbor.  It was hard to get in close for a better shot here.
roof line of 44 ton switcher
44TON2A.JPG (80k)
This was the closest the switcher came to the road.  Very clean roof lines.  It seems to be in great shape (other than the white smoke pouring out of the exhaust stacks).
remains of a 44 tonner
44TSKELA.JPG (48k)
Another switcher has gone to meet it's maker.  It's bones were picked clean by the vultures in the noon day sun.  Nothing goes to waste here.  I assume that some parts on the current 44 ton swither came off of this frame.

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