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The Western and Atlantic Railroad
- Atlanta to Chattanooga 1863 -

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One of the things the members of the Club always enjoy is visiting other modelers' layouts. Thom's layout is set during the Civil War and both the railroad and scenery is unusual, interesting and very well done. Here are some beautiful pictures taken by Rob Davis that really show Thom's layout off well.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2009 by Rob Davis

Locomotive 'Dispatch' heading south, passing the Confederate Redoubt on the outskirts of Atlanta. The 'General' stopping for a drink at one of the unusual rectangular water tanks.
The 'New York' awaiting the passing of Dispatch, an extra / fast freight headed to Atlanta. A Rogers locomotive, the New York, passes a recently plowed field bordered by the common and period split rail "snake" fence.
New York continuing toward the breakfast stop at Lacey Hotel, the staging area one year earlier for the theft of the General by civilan dressed Union soldiers. Locomotive 'Texas' stopping at Big Shanty and Camp McDonald, a recruitment center in the early months of the "Great Rebellion".
New York making a stop at a field hospital platform, picking up wounded and heading to Chattanooga. Texas emerges from the southern portal of Tunnel Hill, one of the longest tunnels of all southern railroads at the time.
The Dispatch and New York with the Confederate Redoubt (breastwork fortification) in the background.

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