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Pictures of past members taken by Tony Organek

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2008 by Tony Organek

picture # 1 Tony Organek working as the Kempton, PA station agent on the WK&S in the 1990's. picture # 2 The guys at the famous 'Bench' overlooking Allentown Yard. The bench is no longer there and that's a shame because it was a great place to hang out and watch the yard being worked. Left to right are: unknown, Jim Judge, Rob Davis, Lew Locker, George Speidel, Unknown, Bob Judge, Chuck Killian and Dave Organek.
picture # 3 Cousins Chuck Killian and Rob Davis arrive at the Allentown Spring Thaw train show circa 1984. picture # 4 How come everyone is facing away from the ALCo's? The club gathers in Allentown as a pair of C-420's come in to the CNJ yard with interchange traffic. #25 is still hauling frieght today on the Arkansas & Missouri.
picture # 5 Tony Organek picture # 6
picture # 7 Chuck Killian, Tom Monagahan, Uncle Al Swenarton, Jim Judge and Bob Judge. picture # 8 Unknown unkown, Bob Judge, unknown, Pat Rooney. The club pays a visit to the Jim Thorpe yard before the CNJ pulled out in 1972.
picture # 9 Tony Organek is sporting a fine hat as he greets the crew of a westbound Lehigh Valley frieght running on shared CNJ rails at Glen Summit, PA. Those yellowjacked C-420's look like they are moving along pretty well. Hey Mike Bednar, can you name the crew? picture # 10 The gang makes a late 1960's visit to Turnhole Tunnel on the CNJ at Glen Onoko, PA. This was a very remote area when this picture was taken, bit now you drive right to where the photographer was standing.
picture # 11 picture # 12 Chuck Killian, Tom Monagahan and Rob Davis explore Jim Thorpe, PA circa 1985. At this time, 100 year old Jim Thorpe townhouses right in downtown sold for under $10,000. Times have changed!
picture # 13 Bob Judge explores Jim Thorpe as walks past the Dimmock Library. This was in the early 1980's before the tourism boom. Can you believe around 1984 our group was featured in the local newspaper as tourists were oddities! Not anymore! picture # 14 Lehighton, PA late 1960's
picture # 15 picture # 16 Tom Monagahan, Al Swenarton, Chuck Killian, Jimmy Judge and Bob Judge saddle up to a coal country bar in the early 1980's.
picture # 17 Bob Judge

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