Push Button Display Update 10-02-17
  We haven't really shown any pictures of the progress we've made on our push-button display layout.
    This layout will be on display to the public in our Museum room after we complete the final wiring.
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This is what the inside of the tunnel looks like.
We applied some gray paint to the rocks to start blending the pieces together. Now its starting to look like a real mountain.
The top gets it coat of gray paint too.
The mountain is back together. Bob O. and Steve start to run the trains to make sure they left enough clearance between the trains and mountain.
0614171932-00 0711172046-01 0711172046-02 20170815_195143
Bob O. has the top of the mountain off again to start to apply the dirt and grass textures. He also did a little more carving work on the rock faces. A couple of trees start to appear.
The dirt and grass textures are being applied to the rest of the mountain.
It looks like a proper mountain with the mine train on the elevated tracks.
Now Bob O. can go back and fill in some of the areas where the upper mine track ‘floats’ over the mountain.
20170815_195152 20170815_201936 20170815_210247 0822172146-00
He cuts a block of foam to represent a concrete abutment, then roughest it up and applies paint.
Here’s the final scene with some dirt, grass and foliage around the abutment. The track no longer ‘floats’ over the mountain.
The trees have started to grow on the barren mountain.
More pine trees are added to the top of the mountain.
20170815_211137 20170815_211203 20170905_213036 0919172103-02
While the work was proceeding on the mountain, the downtown area started to take shape. The building were spaced out and roads installed.
Some of the shops downtown.
One of the houses on the outskirts of town gets its grassy yard manicured.
Now the ballast is being applied to the tracks, and the dirt and grass is being glued down along the edge of the layout.

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Monday, October 2, 2017
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