Fall Update - 10-20-18
  Its been a busy summer, and we haven't had a chance to update the layout pictures. If you follow our
    Facebook pages, you may have seen a few of these before. As of now, the mainline from
    Jersey City, through Easton to Wilkes-Barre is completed. There's just some wiring
    that needs to be done to finish the job.
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IMG_5528 IMG_5529 IMG_5531 IMG_5539
The backdrop between Jersey City and Wilkes-Barre is complete. This is the view from the Wilkes-Barre side. You can see the window in the hallway in the back.
Mike starts work on installing the deck through Easton. This section was where the temporary loop had been. Jersey City is behind the backdrop.
Laying out the deck for the CNJ tracks that cross over the Lehigh River. The GSC mainline is in the foreground.
The finished benchwork.
IMG_5544 IMG_5550 IMG_5563 IMG_5583
The view of Easton from Bethlehem, PA.
Finally we start work on the Bethlehem, PA mainline. The Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces can be seen in the background. Easton is off to the bottom right of the picture.
Jimmy is working on the switches and diamonds where the Reading and CNJ tracks interchange with the Garden State Central.
The Reading tracks go from the right, across the diamonds and will continue on to the CNJ tracks heading towards the CNJ’s Allentown Yards.
IMG_5584 IMG_5585 IMG_5591 IMG_5597
A little further up the Bethlehem section, the mainline tracks are installed along side the previously installed blast furnace tracks.
A view from the far west end of Bethlehem. The Beth Steel high house is visible on the left, and the new mainline tracks are on the right. The blast furnaces are in the background. Just below this picture is the new home of the temporary loop. The mainline will end here until the Wilkes-Barre trackage is laid.
Back to Wilkes-Barre. Mike is installing the deck for west end of Wilkes-Barre. The roundhouse will be in the foreground, and will be the western terminus of the layout.
More decking is installed.
IMG_5598 IMG_5599 IMG_5600 IMG_5604
The backdrop is installed between Easton and Wilkes-Barre. Now the decking for Wilkes-Barre can continue.
Leveling the risers under Wilkes-Barre.
Wilkes-Barre is in.
Martin begins to layout the Wilkes-Barre tracks while Mike and Lou are prepping for the decking on the Ashley, PA side. More backdrop was installed between Bethlehem and Ashley.

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