Layout Update 07-17-17
  Finishing the Phase 2 benchwork.
    This will give us a solid deck to start laying out the tracks for Bethlehem Steel all around the blast furnaces.
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Jimmy tacked down the track into the first furnace (blast furnace B) to see if the track geometry matches the buildings and can accommodate the hot metal and slag cars.
Some of the Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England (PB&NE) equipment is making an appearance to check the track spacing.
Easton, PA which is where our temporary loop is currently located. We had to lay out the tracks in their final spacing to make sure they aligned with the track coming out of Jersey City (background) and the new trackage going into Beth Steel (foreground). The tracks on the right are the temporary loop that will be removed when we finish the next section of layout.
Easton from the aisle. The poster with the layout plan on it is where the backdrop will be. The track in front of it is the Jersey Central line through Easton. The black stripes are the Lehigh River. The building in the foreground is the Easton, PA station on the Lehigh Valley. The mainline tracks are on either side of it. The rest is the temp loop.
IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4560
A view of the cut that the Easton mainline comes through from our Jersey City. ‘Coke’ mountain is the back half of the cut. It got its name locally from the LARGE Coca-Cola ad painted on the side. Bob J. painted this on our Asbury Park layout, and we saved it for the Wall layout.
An overall view. Jersey City can be seen in the background.
The view from the Jersey City end.

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Monday, July 17, 2017
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