Temporary Loop Move 6-8-18
  Well, in order to lay the mainline track through the Bethlehem Steel area, we needed to know the correct
    alignment through Easton. The only way to do that was to move the temporary loop and put the
    Easton section in. Now the loop is on the west end of Beth Steel.
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A view from the opposite side.
Mike and Martin remove the mast that holds up our DCC radio receivers. Its being relocated to allow us to add the Jersey City backdrop in the near future.
Martin adjusts the wire connections for the DCC receivers.
Yea, Easton, PA. From front to back; The Easton passenger station and mainline tracks on either side of it. The plywood underneath the station will be trimmed up to the track after its installed. Behind that is Mount Washington, aka Coke mountain. The mainline will come in the cut between the two halves after it leaves Jersey City (artistic liberties). The tall building in the back on the left is just a place holder to show where the backdrop to Easton goes.
Easton from a slightly different angle. Sure doesn’t look like a loop was there a few hours earlier does it.

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Saturday, June 9, 2018
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