Layout Update 02-20-16
  Lots of little projects going on.
    This month; Dumper work contiunuing, layout wiring and a movie screen.
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All the parts transferred to the actual plywood panel. It was A LOT easier to mount everything to the panel on the work table before it got mounted under the layout.
Here's the finished panel hanging under the layout. I marked the basic areas to give you an idea what we have going on.
This shows how the panel is mounted in the frame of the benchwork. It makes it very easy to sit on the floor with all the wiring right in front of you.
Since we don't have a lot of storage room, we are planning to put rolling carts under the layout. We didn't want to fill up the area under the benchwork, so the electronics panels are hung using hinges and slide bolts. That allows us to drop them down to work on them, then stow them back up under the layout and save space underneath.
21_IMG_1694 22_IMG_1732 23_IMG_1735 24_IMG_1736
The panels fold up with enough room to spare. That's a quarter standing up on top of the rolling storage box. Plenty of clearance under the panel.
Work is beginning on the Elizabethport Yard westbound panel. There were so many blocks and switches in this area that we needed to add a second drop down panel. The left panel is for blocks and the center panel is just for DCC stationary switch decoders. The Jersey City Terminal panel is to the right.
Now that we have the panels installed its time to finish attaching the electrical feeders from the tracks to the bus wires. We numbered the feeders under the layout so it would be easier to tell what tracks they go to.
We did the same on the top to tell where blocks start and end.
25_IMG_1722 26_IMG_1723 27_IMG_1724 28_IMG_1728
Over in the Common room / Class room / Library, we got ready to hang the movie screen.
The 12 foot screen with electric motor is a little too heavy to pick up over our heads, so we got out the lift.
You can't really appreciate how big this screen is until its 10 feet over your head. The lift made the whole operation relatively easy.
Jimmy keeps the screen raised while Steve makes the connections to the ceiling hooks.
29_IMG_1729 30_IMG_1700 31_IMG_1711 32_IMG_1709
With the connections in place, the screen is up in its final resting place.
Back in the layout room, the final pieces of track are installed in the Elizabethport yard. This is looking west from the eastern end of the yard.
The center of the yard.
The western end of the yard, the caboose / yardmaster track and yard by-pass track. The switch on the upper right is for local switching. This track will be installed at a later date.

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Monday, February 22, 2016
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