Layout Update 02-20-16
  Lots of little projects going on.
    This month; Dumper work contiunuing, layout wiring and a movie screen.
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The McMyler dumper repairs are nearing completion. See the video of the dumper in action.
Refurbishing the wiring on the dumper.
Adding a new terminal strip to accommodate all the connections. This will be hidden with a building when its all done.
Over in the work room, now that the shelving above the work bench, its time to bring out some of the paints.
05_IMG_1665 06_IMG_1669 07_IMG_1666 08_IMG_1671
Butch has started working on the new CNJ howe truss car float apron. This will be the slip for the second car float. This is the mock-up he made from foam core to make sure everything will fit.
This shows you where the new apron is in relationship to the Lehigh Valley car float slip and the ship tied up to the dock.
A shot from overhead.
We had to uncover the water and put the ship in place to see how the car float would align up next to it. It also gave us another chance to ooh and aah at how pretty the scene will look when we're done.
09_IMG_1677 10_IMG_1675 11_IMG_1737 12_IMG_1739
From the west end of Jersey City looking eastward.
The water in the foreground is slated to get a full size tug boat and lighter.
The main electronics power panel is taking shape. On the right side are the three power supplies that will power up the LED over-layout lighting, block detection, Digitrax throttle plugs and stationary switch decoders. On the left side are the DCC command station and booster as well as the DCC circuit breakers. The Jersey City area is divided up into 4 power districts.
This is the panel when it is dropped down to make it easier to work on. Remember that the Wilkes-Barre section of the layout will be build over the panel.
13_12694566_o 14_12734063_n 15_12671632_o 16_IMG_1690
Jimmy and Butch are discussing the locations of the electrical components, while prospective member Rob is doing the actual work.
For some reason, Butch does not look happy with the  load of  information that Jimmy is telling him. :)
The track is looking so good. I can't wait for the scenery to go in.
Getting ready to install the Jersey City Terminal electronics panel. To make sure everything will fit, I laid it out on the table using the metal square ruler to mark the edge of the actual panel.

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