WV Trip 5/4/98 Garden State Central
Model Railroad Club

South Korea 10/1998

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We don't just limit ourselves to the continental US in this club. Here are some photos from Freedom Bridge, at the Native Korean War Memorial Museum near Patmojon in Imjin, South Korea (What a mouthfull).

Club President Dave Albertson was in South Korea for business and managed to sneek in a few hours of sightseeing. There was rumor that an Erie pacific (4-6-2) was on display on the border of North and South Korea. Dave decided to check it out and see what he could find. He didn't find the pacific, but he did find a beautiful mikado (2-8-2) on display.

282 #244 Front
Front view of Korean Railways Mikado #244 and the monument at Freedom Bridge. The engine is a Japaneese built 2-8-2.
282 #244 Side
ENGINE2.JPG (111k)
Side view of Korean Railways Mikado #244 and its monument.
Cab number
Here's the side of the cab with both Korean and Arabic numbers.
Monument Plaque
Plaque from the the monument. Theme: "One day this train will run north again." The next photo has the English version of the plaque.
English translation
SIGN300.JPG (585k)
An English version of the plaque in the previous photo.  Located next to the pilot end of #244.
The happy DMZ
DMZ.JPG (44k)
Welcome to the Demiliterized Zone (DMZ) seperating South Korea from North Korea. Not quite the vacation spot.  This is the border along the Imjin River.

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