PA Trip 6/19/1999 #1 Garden State Central
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Huber Colliery, Ashley, PA 4/11/00

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We've begun building our model of the Huber Colliery near Wilkes-Barre, PA.  The folks there were more than gratious to show us around and let us get some great pictures.  Here's the GSC version under construction.

Huber model 01
HMDL01.JPG (56k)
Here's the preliminary structure going up into place.  The colliery will also be used to hide a cement column against the wall.  The branch line will climb up in front of the building, then using a switchback, go back through the loader to the coal yard.  This side has an extra loading shed, and part of the power plant.
Huber model back side
HMDL02.JPG (64k)
Here's a view from the yard side.
Huber colliery end view
HMDL03.JPG (64k)
Looking from the yard end at the building, you can see one of the problems we faced against the wall.  Only the track on the left goes through.  The two arches on the right have the concrete pillar blocking the way.  This will be hidden when the building is finished.  Dummy tracks will approach these openings.
Huber colliary blackened with windows
It's amazing how a little coloring and windows transformed the building.  You really don't even notice the column behind it.
Huber colliary yard hillside1
HMDL04.JPG (44k)
Here you can see some of the work to sculpt the hillside under the yard.  The colliery is to the left of the photo, on the top level.  This lower portal will allow trains to go from Wilkes-Barre up to the colliery
Huber colliery yard hillside2
HMDL05.JPG (72k)
This is a view from the colliery towards the portal.  This hillside will be filled in with hydrocal on paper strips to make a good hard shell base for the scenery.

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