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Wilkes-Barre, PA 11/07/03

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Ashley coal breaker
Ashley1.jpg (12k)
Here's an overview of the Blue Coal breaker in Ashley, PA. On the left are the thawing sheds, and off to the right is the coal storage yard.
Ashley coal breaker
Ashley2.jpg (28k)
A closer view of the Blue Coal breaker. This facility takes larger size chunks of coal, breaks them up into smaller pieces, sorts them and loads them back into waiting hoppers for final delivery.
Wilkes-Barre West
WB2.jpg (32k)
The meat packing plant and warehouse at the eastern end of Wilkes-Barre.
Wilkes-Barre East
WB1.jpg (32k)
The western end of Wilkes-Barre, overlooking the freight yard.
NayAug tunnel east
NayAug1.jpg (8k)
The eastern entrance to the tunnels at NayAug, PA. The left tunnel portal has been abandoned.

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