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Jersey City, NJ 4/11/2000

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Macmylar dumper in Jersey City
Our Macmylar dumper in Jersey City.  This shot shows the kick back track that sends empties back to the yard.  The dumper is on a removeable base to make it easier to work on.  Cars get lifted vertically and turned on their side to dump.  Chains were used to hold the cars down to the track when tipping.  The chains are connected to counter weights on the back of the dumper to allow them to move when the bridge is raised.
Dumper close up
A close-up of the dumper and the ramp into the dumper.  The ramp will contain a 'barney' (a slug on a cable) used to push cars up the ramp and into the dumper.  The dumper is fully functional, but we haven't finished cutting the hole in the benchwork through the coal barge to a collection bin.  We have substituted a bucket for the coal barge and it works great.  The only problem we found is, just like with the real dumpers, there's a lot of coal dust thrown up when you dump the cars.

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