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Lehighton, PA 11/07/2003

This area received an extensive remodeling over the last year. Since we moved the city of Allentown into the Bethlehem room, there has been some confusion over the location of Allentown. We tried calling one old Allentown and the other new Allentown, but that didn't help. After looking at the maps for a while, a decision was made to rename the town Lehighton and upgrade the scenery to match that location.

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Lehigh1.jpg (40k)
Here's an overview of Lehigton, PA. The Ashley coal breaker is in the background.
Lehigh2.jpg (24k)
The freight station is in the foreground, with the Lehighton yards in the background.
Lehigh3.jpg (34k)
The Lehigh Cement plant.
Lehigh4.jpg (36k)
On the outskirts of town is the church and cemetary.
Lehigh5.jpg (36k)
In the center is the Lehighton stub end yard. On the right is the run-through yard. The GSC mainline and Lehigh Cement are on the left.

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