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A Visit to George Speidel's Garden Railroad - August 2008 - Page 1 of 2

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The Thursday Morning Modeling Group visits Club member George Speidel
We visited George's large and well done backyard layout.

All pictures on this page Copyright © 2008 by Jules Heiliczer

George greets us out at the pool. Bob Judge taking pictures of the railroad
George's passing siding The railroad's track cleaning car being pulled by a 44 tonner
Let's get a real train running. George has used several different methods for laying his track. Here we see treated wood deck rail ballisters which give a stong base.
Here is how this method does curves. A newer method is using the Trex type decking material. It is very strong and smooth curves can be made easily.
An example of curves done with the Trex material. A gentle waterfall into his pond filled with goldfish.
The railroad runs thru a beautiful field of Black Eyed Susans.
George's railroad has two blocks. One running up the other downhill. Here the SD38 is running uphill while the 44Tonner is already in the downhill block. Here you can see the many goldfish.
The long train curving around, still going uphill. Lew Loker enjoys the morning with George.
Bob Judge, Lew Loker and George sitting by the pool watching the trains go by. George's Steam loco with great sound.

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