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Here are photos, many in black and white of members from the early years of the club

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Long Branch - 1965-66

Club membership card circa 1965

Dave Johnson, Guy Hays, Pat Rooney, Don Howd, Larry Lyford, Bob Judge, Jim Clay, Tony Organek, George McCauslin

GSC Long Branch. All hand laid track. Unknown, Tony Organek, Guy Hays
Bob Hoffman,George McCauslin, Bob Judge Larry Lyford, Bob Hoffman
Dave Johnson Pat Rooney, Tony Organek, Jim Clay, Larry Lyford
Joe Kreig- all hand laid track. Joe Kreig
Pat Rooney- raised track was HON3 Don Howd
Bob Judge, George McCauslin Pat Rooney, Don Howd
Pat Rooney, Larry Lyford Unknown, Larry Lyford, unknown, Bob Judge, unknown
Don Howd, Joe Kreig Founder of the GSC George McCauslin from Loch Arbor NJ. He was Classified Ad manager for the Asbury Park Press.
Don Howd from Neptune City and Guy Hays of Neptune This photo was un labeled but dated Feb. 1966
Bob Judge, Jim Emley, unknown, Larry lyford - July 1966 This photo is labeled as J.S.L

Below are two more recent pictures taken at the Asbury Park club location

Uncle Al Swenarton Lew Loker in Wilkes Barre

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